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Locate The Super Affiliates In Your Industry And Explode
Your Sales Overnight.

NetTraction™ Facts (Opt-In Email Marketing Solutions)

has developed strategic alliances with the largest Opt-In email brokers online, with over 275 Million targeted emails, over 300 publications in 43 categories, and over 100 million readers. We have both performance and pay advertising options and we can put a jump in your site's progress and increase sales. We can setup the entire process. We make the offer, creative and even track the results for you.

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Lower Customer Acquisition Cost

The average cost of online customer acquisition is $93.00. Our customers, on average, receive a customer acquisition cost of less then $2.50… more than 30 times more cost efficient. (Source IDC report, February 2001)

Increase conversions from Browser to Buyer

Our clients, on average, see conversion rates increase by 25%-30% or more. The industry average click through rate is 0.3%. On average, our clients receive 3% - 4.5%, more than 7 times the industry average.

Increase Income per Click

Our clients, on average, increase their bottom line revenue by 10% - 15% or more, and they increase their revenue growth by up to 200% or more.

Increase Your Average Order Size

On average, NetTraction™ clients have an average order price increase by 9%.


Industry Standard

Hire An Expert For Less Than It Costs To Hire And Train Someone In-House!

All Inclusive Opt-In Email Management

The All-Inclusive Full Outsourced Solution is our most comprehensive offer. It's a completely run program! Hire an expert to see a return on your investment for less than it would cost to hire and train someone! The All-Inclusive Full Outsourced Solution is our hands off answer to email marketing.

Everything is included, from the setup and development of an offer, to the creation of email pieces and landing pages. From negotiation to the final reporting of the results, a dedicated expert manager will personally handle it all. We do it all for you! You get a monthly report that breaks the whole process down for you in a comprehensive summary.

We assign a team of experienced devoted professionals to seek out and acquire targeted email brokers that produce results. You get a whole team of professionals for less than it would cost to hire a single person. It includes graphic design, programming, recruitment, management, administration and more.

All Inclusive Opt-In Email Management includes Newsletter/Ezine Marketing and Opt-In Email

Over 75 Brokers In Hundreds Of Categories With Over 275 Million Pre-Targeted Readers.
Millions of Impressions and Thousands of Clicks!

Opt-In Email Campaigns

We represent over 75 brokers in hundreds of categories with over 275 million pre-targeted readers and prospects. Take any offer and send it with a cost based 100% on commission, a flat price, or a combination. NetTraction will design your creative, help you with the offer, consult you on the tracking options and more…

Getting started is easy and inexpensive; simply develop a solid offer "discount, buy one get one free, coupon, sample". We will test it with over a million readers. If all goes well, we'll blast your offer to millions of OPT-IN, qualified readers in just minutes. Get your results fast!!! You can send offers weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Build your customer base, and increase traffic and sales.

Get started now and see results FAST!!!!

We Have 300 Publishing Partners and 338,165,573 Subscribers.

Newsletter/Ezine Marketing

We offer a cost-effective and efficient means for advertisers to sponsor newsletters. It is also a great chance for newsletter publishers to find appropriate sponsors for their publications.

For Advertisers, getting started is as simple as:
Creating an account
- Building a campaign
- Watching your traffic grow

Gain access to a high volume of quality opt-in newsletter subscribers. Your ad can appear in many different publications and reach millions of subscribers, and you won't have to deal with each publisher on an individual basis. We currently have 300 publishing partners reaching 2 million readers monthly. A highly receptive audience that values the publication will see your message. You pay on a cost-per-click or cost per impression basis; you choose. Get started now and gain millions of impressions and possibly thousands of clicks!