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Locate The Super Affiliates In Your Industry And Explode
Your Sales Overnight.

Toby Wong says,
"I wouldn't expose this secret weapon to anyone if I were you"

Roy, what the devil are you thinking? You are literally giving away a time machine here. You have slashed AT LEAST 2 months out of my JV seeking spree to 6 minutes and 37 seconds flat. I wouldn't expose this secret weapon to anyone if I were you, not even you are paying me thousands of dollars. Thanks again for sharing this secret to me, Roy!

Toby Wong, Hong Kong

Your Guaranteed And Easiest Way To Instantly Find
Every Top-Ranked Web Site In Your Industry And Direct Their Traffic To You.

Could you use more traffic on your web site? How do you feel about getting 1500 or more hits a day? How do you feel about partnering with super affiliates who generate over $10,000 in profits, monthly? Did you know that you could locate every single high-traffic web site in your industry and then merge their targeted traffic onto your site for more converted sales?
My name is Roy Oron, I don’t mean to brag but I started my online business, www.typingtips.com a little over a year ago. I've used the link-infrastructure strategy which I will show you in a moment. It has exploded my income. My site commands 8,000 or more visits per day. If you were to take just 5 percent of my traffic and that would give you my number of daily consumers.
If you don't believe me just go to www.alexa.com and check my site www.typingtips.com
ranking. You have to understand how powerful this marketing strategy really is.
Super Affiliates links are the lifeline for your site.

Let me back up a moment. Do you know what a super affiliate is?

SUPER Affiliates are those who generate 100 sales while the normal average affiliate will do 1. A Super-Affiliate has a list of 15,000 readers. He sends them a recommendation and few hours later, 5,500 people are on your site! Eager to buy your products…

Super affiliates are the professionals who can:
Bring you loads of traffic.
- Move and sell your product consistently.
- Make you very, very rich.

Connecting with super affiliates means 3 core elements for you:
1) More targeted traffic
2) Sales conversions - multiplied
3) Explode online sales

FACT: It is estimated that 65% of all sales decisions are based on trust.
Let me paint a more vivid picture for you. If you were shopping for a mortgage, would you be more prone to shop for your mortgage on a site that your friends recommended or one that you stumbled across?
Chances are most likely that you would go with the referral because you would feel more
comfortable with a RECOMMENDATION.
This is what happens when people stumble onto your site. Without the recommendation of and cross-links of other sites, we have a tendency to question the credibility of an online business.
The formula is extremely simple. Once you locate your super affiliates in your industry you need to contact them so that you can get more traffic to your site.

The conclusion is:
Locate Super Affiliates and Explode Your Sales Overnight.

But the questions are:
Where do you find your super affiliates? And, how do you recruit them to your program?

The solution:
Linking to super affiliates = SAG software.

Now before, I explain how this mind-boggling software works, you must understand that:
1) It works very quickly to bring you Super Affiliates that want to promote your business.
2) There’s zero risk --- You can try it right now 100% risk-free.

Save Months Of Hard Work. It's No Accident.
In 5 Min, I Can Show You How To Find The
Best Super Affiliates In Your Industry

What Can The Super Affiliate Generator Do For Me?

With SAG, you will find sites in your industry. These sites are already listed at the top of the
search engine lists. So all you have to do is get these high traffic sites to link to your site.

You will be able to:
- Spy on your competitors and find THEIR super affiliates - this is a 10
minutes Process
- Find and Recruit the super affiliates in your industry - It is so simple you wouldn't
- Locate every high-traffic web site in your industry. It automatically saves all contact
information such as: URLs, telephone numbers, owners Email addresses and in certain
cases the web sites owners names.
- Boost your Sales conversions by geting more targeted traffic.
- Upgrade your web site's ranking in search engines by multiplying your "link's popularity".

- Impact your high sales by recruiting "Super Affiliates".
Activate traffic - for guaranteed sales to your site - for FREE

How Can The Super Affiliate Generator Help My Business?

SAG put your online business on the top of the search engine rankings by:
Providing you with a compiled list of high-traffic web sites in your industry that will link
to your site.
- Help you to locate the web site owners (super affiliates), email, company name, URL, snail mail address, phone number and in certain cases the web site owner names. After SAG has processed your data, the only thing you have to do is: Choose the online businesses and web sites that you want to do business with.

Next the SAG Software will help you:
- Create a powerful new partnership with the top traffic sites. (These sites have done all the work for you and they have the traffic you need).
- Submit and email to the top online businesses to offer a joint venture.
- Recruit the "Super-mega Affiliates" - Internet marketers who generate $10,000 in sales and more, each and every month.
- Generate quality targeted visitors to your site - traffic that is bound for sales conversions

How Does The Super Affiliate Generator Work?

SAG works in 2 different ways:
1. Keywords: If you’re looking for the top ranking sites in your industry, all you have to do is enter a key word exactly as you would if you where looking for something through a search engine. After you press the “go” button, the software will search the top search engines and will locate the highest-ranking sites in your industry.
Your search is up to you. Whether you want the software to find the top 10 sites on each engine,
or you want the top 1000 sites, it’s all up to you.
2. Links: Enter a website name, then press the “go” button, the software spider will go to the top of each search engine and locate the sites that have a link to the requested site. This tool will provide you with every single super affiliate of the requested web site. Please read this last sentence again.
In other words you will be able to monitor the top ranked web sites in your industry to find out who and how they’re linked, so that you can do the same. This device in itself is so powerful and worth much more than the retail price that I’m offering you.

The software spider arranges the web site’s links in order. It will start from the web sites that generate the most traffic to the web sites that generate the least.
Important note -- SAG will save every web site’s details and
contact information, in a list -ready for you to send them an offer by email.

This amazingly effective technology is so powerful not to mention so easy to use. The solution that I am going to show you is critically acclaimed software for automating traffic, sales and income for your online business, immediately!!!

SAG - Business Edition will provide you with the most accurate way to find the super affiliates in your industry.

More than that, SAG will provide you with the following important information about your new super affiliates:
Email address of each super affiliate.
- Super affiliate company name.
- Super affiliate first and last name (in some of the searches).
- Link popularity of each super affiliate web site.
- Alexa ranking of each super affiliate web site.
- Super affiliate web site position on the search engine (very useful).
- Phone numbers -- Give your super affiliates a call
- Snail mail addresses.
- Locate your super affiliates by keyword.
- Locate your super affiliates by finding your competitors super affiliates.

With SAG you will be able to:
- Track all your emails (you will be able to know what email you sent, date and time, so you won't send the same email to your super affiliates twice)
- Send your super affiliates an immediate Joint venture proposal by email (I have 4 custom design emails ready for you to send)
- Prepare your personalized email letters in advance. This feature will Save you TONS of time.
- Option to send bulk personalized emails
- Export the search results to a text or Excle file
- Add new lists to an existing lists
- Exclude unwanted domain, email or words.
- SAG will save all your search results in a built in database application.
You will be able to return to your past searches.

SAG comes with a lifetime updates...
SAG will supply you with all you need in order to find the best super affiliates in your industry.
SAG is a very easy software to operate.

SAG Screen Shot

Yes These Few Simple Steps Helped Me Find The
Best Joint Venture Partners In My Industry
And They Will Work For You Too

Partner and Link With High-Traffic Web Site Owners!

You could receive traffic from literally thousands of other web sites. These are not just
any web sites; but the ones that specialize in your own Internet marketing industry. (This is what I did).
Don't worry about competing your products and services. In example, Car Max would not compete
with an automotive accessories site even though they serve the same industry market.
In other words, if your offer will be valued by another web site's visitors, then you can
easily approach these e-business owners and propose that you:
- Offer the opportunity to become your affiliate.
- Offer free, content-rich articles for site and or newsletters
- Exchange text links and banners
- Barter classified ads in your respective e-zines
- Trade listings for your products on a "Recommended Links" page
- Provide an eBook that you have written and offer an added bonus
- Advertise on their site for a discounted rate

Now remember, if you had to research and then contact each potential partner manually,
any one of these tasks could take weeks, months and years to execute -- which adds up to wasted time and your bottom-line profits. SAG software is the easy - breeziest way to network with business partners in your industry with just one click.

Working Smarter Means Minimizing Work-Time While
Doubling Your Profitability To Make More Money.

AVOID The #1 Affiliate Program Mistake

The number one mistake that most Internet marketers make when they launch their affiliate programs are focusing on multitudes of affiliates. The problem with this is that the mass majority of people who join affiliate programs rarely ever make a sale.

It is highly profitable to link with super affiliates or partners through newsgroups, forums, or classified ads. It’s the common sense approach to exploding your sales via targeted web sites that have top search engine rankings under your keywords.

Super affiliates are into generating serious sales, which means tripling your sales revenue. It’s only inevitable that you will dramatically increase your sales when the owners of high-traffic web sites join your program.

SAG will perform the tedious work of locating these high traffic web sites. The only work you have to do is make the connection and maintain good sales records.

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